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Little People PROBLEMS

little people PROBLEMS from Quality over Quantity @_domo__c

I shop in the kids section…from time-to-time

I like Dr. Seuss books, just because they rhyme

I wear a size 7, that’s in youth I might add

I’m just barely tall enough to ride the rides at six flags

I grew a beard to look older, I looked young with my face clean

Truth be told I’m twenty-two, but I look a strong fourteen

I don’t need phone books just to see over the wheel

You average height folk will never know how I feel

My feet still swing whenever I sit down in a chair

Found out the doctor says your true height, nope that doesn’t include your hair

I try not to get angry, cause I just set myself up

“Well aren’t you so cute acting all big and tough”

“Big mad or little mad; looks like someone needs a nap!”

“He just needs to be burped, quick pat him on his back”

We’re still everyone’s favorite, across the world it’s the same

Tall guys can’t say that…they don’t have any game

They’re big, I’m small

I’m short, they’re tall

I’m almost certain they get better reception when they try to make phone calls

Who wants to grow up these days, with all the bills to be paid?

Car notes, rent, don’t forget about sally mae

So to sum it all up….

I look like a kid, this much I know

I’m far past puberty, and no I can’t grow

I still have clothes that I’ve owned since middle school

If I can’t find my mini ladder, you better believe I got my trusty mini-stool

I’d rather be little, it gives me personality

My ID says I’m five-four, so don’t you DARE call me five-three

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