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Short Story of the Dreamers

Passive Agression

Dreamer's Obligations


Static Shock

Sleepy Hollow

Loaner's Mentality vs. Owner's Reality



Thank you for taking the time to read! Your feedback is welcomed and appreciated!

This work encompasses several topics all stemming from growth and maturity. Some are personalized, others are based on concepts we face every day. Overall, I looked to share some experiences and concepts that hopefully either helped or entertained you; or maybe both. Some of these concepts are:

God, and how indescribably perfect he is. How everything comes full circle in our lives, we just may not be able to see at the current time. Also, how his love for us is unconditional and undying!

Growth and development, and how we all mature at different paces. The most emphasized point is that it’s ok to be different. Just because your perspective is different doesn’t make it wrong! You are valued exactly how you are and there is greatness in not conforming. Be different!

Love, and how confusing and tricky it can be. I used to think you loved someone if you dreamed of escaping the world with them; just the two of you. I’m starting to see now that you love someone when you want to stay and face the world head on with them!

You! Be lit, be spontaneous, be quiet, be smart, be corny, be whatever comes natural to you! A talent is a purpose unfulfilled, so we are obligated to use them!

Hope you enjoyed!

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