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I have a renewed view of impossible,

I'll admit that views are volatile.

Just because choices are optional, doesn't mean they're all logical.

Parents sacrificed a lot, I know they hope their son ain't prodigal.

I don't worry if my profits show.

I do hope I make a profit though.

I invested in some property, bet my pen thinks I am Socrates.

Misfit in my generation, I'm at a gala rocking soccer cleats.

This must be how Ali felt, before he won each title belt.

I found gold around my heart, just like Olympic Michael Phelps.

If you don't have $2Gs to spare, then maybe Gucci ain't for you.

I took a shot at skipping steps, God moved my target and threw back truth.

I can't excel, until Excel is taught until all of the black youth.

We know that seeds can produce leaves, but there's no fruit without the roots.

Turn on the news, see red and blue, cartoons that can't be honest.

We're forced to pick a favorite between Mario and Sonic.

If you have humility, some will claim that you're too modest.

If you're confident then all the others will act astonished.

Be iconic.

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