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Finally got some,

Intuition from paying all that tuition.

We all battle addictions, mine is just addition.

Mine is just ambition.

Mine is just retention.

They always asking how to ball without the ball.

I tell them, "You can make the call."

Shoot your shot against 'em all.

The odds, that is.

I love the kids, I love to give.

We love to live, but still won't live,

Got scholarships and hollow tips, but still we broke...

With brothers killed, and we forgive, and they still

Kill at will, and's real!

They make meal tickets off of our bill tickets.

I'm making a real living,

And doing a lil giving.

But it ain't enough because,

My phone don't dial phoneless, I know I'll get a

Bonus, I passed someone that's homeless, and

Spent $12 on some boneless.

And if you understand that,

Well then,

I'm in awe of you, I mean all of you, I know you're

Falling boo, but I'm falling through, 'cause I'm

falling too!

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