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To: Tamera

To: God

To: Butterfly Jill (I)

To: Survivor’s Remorse

To: Butterfly Jack & Jill (2)

To: Me

To: You

To: Love

To: Family Matters

To: Opinions

To: The Weekend

To: The Rafters

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To: God

To: God from LETTER I stood at the top of the mountain, and looked down, and yelled, “I made it!”.. Soon after… I realized it was only a mole hill… And that mole hill, made me stand still… It made my

To: Love

To: Love from LETTER (Read over Musiq Soulchild – Love instrumental; start at 20 sec.) I write songs while they solemnly swear… Broken, and repaired… She combs locks of her heavenly hair… We’re no lon

To: The Weekend

To: The Weekend from LETTER (read over SZA – The Weekend Instrumental) This is just a flower for your fun day… Some coffee for your Monday… Candy when you’re craving it… My prayer for you on Sunday… …

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