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"What you do up front will surely show up on the back end child..."

But mama, I'm too fire, I would never black and mild.

"Cause we have all lost before.

Death's so unforgiving.

Plus I feel bad for hurting, too.

'Cause I'm not underprivileged.

My insecurities all come and go like perennials.

And they messed up the world and said, "let's blame it on millennials."

You gone get sick from Luke warm, there's no semi-cold.

Whether all caps, or no cap, there's still no semi-bold.

Lean gone make you italicize,

Addiction is like being paralyzed,

But dreams will help you to realize,

Breaking moments can make you a stand-up guy.

Or girl, that is...

The loneliness,

Is still a gift.

The promise is,

His promises,

Are just as strong as his dominance.

Sacks and stresses are the same as bags and blessings.

It's all perspective.

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