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You landed on a dream, Mayflower

A planted Queen, May flower.

The tears that stream, may shower.

Your tinted leaves,8 hours.

To pay your fees, late hours.

Your future sees, great power.

Your present sees...

A changing world...

You sure took the 90's for granted.

You were really young back then, but all those moments were candid.

All of your music holds nostalgia, these days the meaning has vanished.

But you stay hungry for a purpose, in a famine you're famished.

Now the land is outlandish.

There's budget cuts, but no bandage.

And you know God wills still manage.

But you hope God is still planning,

A miracle.

But you are one, a star sun, a moon too,

He groomed you.

For who's who.

If I may, flower,

Water you, then pick you.

Roots and all, truths and all.

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