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Untitled from Quality over Quantity ( @bre2smoove)

If I’ve loved you in my past

I’ve loved you with an immature heart

A heart too biased to love properly

A heart afraid to dance in the middle of an empty room A heart that doesn’t blame my parents for the way I love, but secretly I do There is only space for your love beside my memories Unless we make new ones Are you okay with that?

Have you ever wished you hadn’t fallen in love with me?

Because you are afraid that forever is not as long as it said it’ll be.

I have had my battles with love.

But I will fight for you with my eyes close if you promise to see me past my flaws Next time you say forever...

Picture me next to you...

Picture us holding hands before God

Ask him if this is what heaven feels like and when he says yes don’t be surprised You’ve been my paradise Since the fall

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