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She's so reserved, and I got reservations.

Neither of us are used to waiting.

So who gone bring in patience?

Been spending time and money,

but still claiming...I'm saving.

I guess I still ain't made it.

But King me, 'cause I'm jumping through the table.

Hope my crown doesn't make you insecure,

but rather...stable.

Why we look for shortcuts,

even when we're able?

In a million dollar home,

with two cars, stealing cable.

She told me:

"Change your trajectory, and start respecting me,

it feels like you're neglecting me,

yet still expecting me,

to bear all this incredibly,


and wait while you build your legacy,

not jealousy,

it's just damn, I need therapy.

I need to know that you're there for me.

I need to know that you care for me.

Now fix your crown."

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